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Red Willow Band

1. Marley’s Intro 
2. Tom & Jerry 
3. Two ‘O Clock Shuffle 
4. You’re All I Need To Get By 
 5. Restless 
6. Tailspin 
7. Roly Poly 
8. You Just Can’t Win 
9. Bottom Of The Band 
10. You Gotta Be Crazy 
11. I Thought I Was A Child 
12. Stage Fright 
13. C Jam Blues 
14. The Rails That Took You Home 
15. Long Way To Hollywood 
16. Orange Blossom Special


These performances were recorded live in the 1970's at several different venues, including the SD State Penitentiary, The Fireside Lounge, The River Queen in Grand Forks, The Arkota Ballroom, The SF Community Playhouse, The Ox Yoke Ranch in Nemo, and a crazy Argyle barn dance. 

Special thanks go out to Boyd Bristow, Mike Grunendyke, Wally Saukerson, Dale Gage, Chris Buren, Rowdy Walterman, Dan Picht, Terry VanderPol and SD Public TV.

Chris Gage - vocals, guitar, piano, lap steel and mandolin
Hank Harris - vocals and guitar
Kenny Putnam - fiddle and mandolin
Marley Forman - bass and vocals
Barry Carpenter - drums and vocals
Wally Saukerson - mandolin
Boyd Bristow - vocals and guitar
Mike Russell - vocals and fiddle
Owen DeJong - fiddle
Susan Osborn - vocals
Keith Sanborn - scat vocals

MH2903     cp1999 MoonHouse Records
PO Box 41021 Austin, Texas 78704.
All rights reserved. Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws.

Music from live shows across South Dakota in the 1970's from cassettes and old reel to reels.  Limited collectors edition.  Lousy sound, great vibe.  Were you there?

Track Listings:

1. Marley’s Intro   (:12)

2. Tom & Jerry   (1:48)

3. Two ‘O Clock Shuffle   (3:59)
(Chris Gage) Golly Gee Music (ASCAP)

4. You’re All I Need To Get By   (3:04)
(Hank Harris) Whistle Pig Music (ASCAP)

5. Restless   (3:07)
(Carl Perkins) Universal Songs of Polygram International (BMI)

6. Tailspin   (2:34)
(Hank Harris) Whistle Pig Music (ASCAP)

7. Roly Poly   (2:41)
(F. Rose) Sony/ATV Milene Music (ASCAP)

8. You Just Can’t Win   (3:21)
(Chris Gage) Golly Gee Music (ASCAP)

9. Bottom Of The Band   (2:12)
(Hank Harris) Whistle Pig Music (ASCAP)

10. You Gotta Be Crazy   (3:05)
(Boyd Bristow) Boyd Bristow Music

11. I Thought I Was A Child   (3:13)
(Jackson Browne)  Swallow Turn Music / Wixen Music Publishing Inc. (ASCAP)

12. Stage Fright   (5:21)
(J.R. Robertson) WB Music Corp / WB Music Corp. O/B/O Canaan Music (ASCAP)

13. C Jam Blues   (8:19)
(Duke Ellington) Famous Music Corp. (ASCAP)

14. The Rails That Took You Home   (1:56)
(Chris Gage) Golly Gee Music (ASCAP)

15. Long Way To Hollywood   (5:29)
(Steve Young)  Warner Tamerlane Pub Corp. (BMI) 

16. Orange Blossom Special   (4:56) 
(Ervin Rouse) Universal-MCA Music Publishing iv. of Universal Music Corp. (ASCAP)